MAPTenure, the first Web-based platform of its kind
methodologically records requisite data and
leverages the best available technology to enable
tenurial clarity in the orange areas.


The data required to address the orange areas issue is dispersed, fragmented, and dated. The platform aims to bridge this gap and play a key role in not only collecting the information but also in establishing one central, recognized, go-to source for information on the orange areas.

In the current version, MAPTenure provides a database of over 5000 villages for six districts of Madhya Pradesh. The process of data collection, collation and analysis was conducted between October 2016 and February 2018 for the districts of Sidhi, Singrauli, Shahdol, Anuppur, Umaria, and Betul in Madhya Pradesh.

This section is useful to users interested in the detailed methodology of the process for data collection, collation and analysis that powers MAPTenure. The methodology also elucidates the assumptions underpinning the analysis and the limitations of the process adopted.